Second Chance Prayer

Dear God

I ask you for the miracle of a second chance in my career. My family is struggling mentally and financially because of the difficult times we are facing. Help me to be strong and hold my head high. Help me to keep my faith in you and in me and know that this is exactly where you want us to be.

Please bless us with the gift of a miracle of finical relief and new job. We thank you for everything you have given us. Amen

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Second chance at life
by: Anonymous

Dear father,

Just want to say I thank you so much for just being there for me and my family. As you know I have put myself in a horrible situation and I'm just asking for a second chance at life I do not want to leave my family. My life and I have changed so much over the last two years. I am not the same person I was before. I am aware of the sins I committed and I am asking for forgiveness because you are the ultimate judge and decision maker. I do not want to let my children down. If I have not healed from my past please help me I'm asking you I'm begging you. I want to live a better life the right life. Please come to me and help me sacrifice for you o god! Amen!

Prayer for second chance
by: Anonymous

Dear God,

i have committed a terrible mistake of allowing something to happen which was irreversible. now i discerned that it even exposed me guilty of a felony.

i sincerely asking forgiveness in committing such wrong.

i know i deserve judgment. but it will jeopardizes my family who are very much precious to me.

but i know you're a God of second chance. should i'll be saved from this mess, i promise to commit myself unto your work and maintain a Godly life you have planned for me to follow.

Jesus said, all that we ask in His name shall be given by you. Only that few have ask in His name. Now God, i asked all these Grace from your end in the name Jesus Christ you son and our savior. Amen.

by: Anonymous

Please God hear my prayer
My husband is a very honest hard worker. He just got a great job from years of hard labor and working with very little benefits he now is finally in a place that treats him good . I made a mistake when helping him fill out the initial application and because of that he might be let go. We have a disabled child and are a family that depends solely on his wage . Please God they have given him a chance to speak on Monday give him the strength and let them see the honest person he is and understand that this was a mistake please God hear my prayer. I feel so consumed by guilt and I feel so sorry for have not been more careful with the paper work I don't know what else to do.

Need forgiveness
by: Anonymous

My husband had an affair for a year. I agreed to stay with him and move forward. I forgave him, but I'm still obsessing over the other woman and what he did and does. I promised to not snoop or hold him under a microscope. However, I recently broke into his Instagram account and snooped. I feel worse now. I lied and I think he knows I did it. I'm really sorry for what I did. I need forgiveness from God and I'm praying that my indiscretion will not put an end to my marriage just as we are making things work.

Prayer For A Second Chance at Life , to be , protected from and spared from the mistakes of my past
by: Anonymous

I Havent Commited the Same Mistakes again Since , I Love God , And I Trust Him , Thank You God For My Family , For My Friends , Thank You For My Freedom , And For Your Protection Over Me My life And My Future , Please Protect me from the Traps Of the devil ,Heavenly father , I Place My Life In your Mercy , and in the hands of Jesus , and I place Every Very Real Fear , Danger , And Threat , upon My Life And Well Being , I place it Directly In the Hands Of Jesus Your Son And My Savior , And At the Foot Of the Cross

Second Chance
by: MzDavis

Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name, help me and restore me to sanity. I have started back using drugs and my job is in jeopardy and I am behind in my rent..please take away the obsession to use and help and allow me to maintain my job and my home....In the name of Jesus, AMEN

Prayer for a second Chance
by: D

Heavenly father, things haven't gone well this year. In fact something has gone terribly bad with someone I care so much about. I pray things will get better between us. If its thy will, please I pray things will get better and improve. Heavenly father please help me. I truly need your help. God I pray for a second chance, God I pray for a miracle.

by: Anonymous

Prayer fro second chance to go back to work

Dear lord
by: Kenya

Please give my Boyfriend a Second Chance he is a great guy nd very intelligent young men please watch over my family lead me the right way in the name we Pray Amen

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