St Joseph pray for me that I may be a good teacher

by eric

Dear St Joseph

Teach me how to be a good teacher to my high school students, as you taught your Son Jesus, the skills of carpentery. Teach me that I may use my time well and find joy in my work and sustain me that I may persevere in carrying out my duties as a teacher for the glory of God. Thank you!

Pray for us sinners and ask God to bless our work.


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Mar 24, 2014
By asking shows you already are a good teacher
by: Anonymous

You are setting a wonderful example for your students to ask for help in becoming better. I pray you find the comfort of His guidance in all you seek. God bless you.

Sep 14, 2012
Prayer for your teaching job
by: Anonymous

I pray that you will be a great teacher and inspire your class.
Teaching is one of the hardest job's and most rewarding. I wish there were more teachers like you, who care about their students, being involved and improving their lives. You may be that somebody to someone and not realize it. I pray for you, and keep teaching , we need great teachers in our school system. May all your prayers be answered, take care.

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