St. Joseph Pray For Me

by Sharon

St. Joseph I need your divine intervention to get my life in order. I'm off of my job because of problems at work. I do not want to return back to such a hostile and negative environment. Please help me find a job that is fulfilling in a healthy environment. A job that will allow me to take care of my financial obligation and help relieve this fear and anxiety that I feel about my future. I need your divine intervention in order to sell the house that I recently put on the market. Please let it sell quick so that the taxes can be paid. Also I need to know what action I should take in this very unsatisfactory relationship Lee. I love him but this is not a real relationship. I don't want to walk away but I can to protect myself from being hurt over and over again. He say he love me but other things are interfering with us being together. He says I need to be patient. I thing he's cheating. Please give me guidance as this only adds to the depression that is almost overwhelming me. I ask these things in the name of your precious Son, Jesus.


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