St Jude Financial Prayer

by Nancy

St. Jude please help me with my debt, and finances. I have made so many bad choices, and decisions that I buried myself in debit, depression, anger, and grief.


Losing my mother my best friend has hurt me so much it's hard to cope inresult I abused my credit cards, sabotaged my job, friends, inheritance now left with emptiness I beg not so much for me but my precious baby girl God gave me to save my life....please help ASAP I am at the end of my rope as u know.

Thank you Iam grateful for my daughter and what I have left.

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For your strength and guidance
by: Sagine

My prayer go out to you and your beautiful baby. I have submitted a similar prayer in this time of need. I too am going through similar troubles and pray for strength and guidance. I hope things work out for you and that you keep your faith as much as I'm trying not to lose mine. I know it is difficult, but keep praying. Good luck!

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