St Jude, please help me sort my life out!

by Ally

Please St Jude help me get my teaching certificate, I know it has been a long time but I need it sorted. Please intercede so I don't have to have a meeting and HQ is not contacted. Please, please, please let the certificate come through. I promise I will be the best teacher possible and lead all my children on the right path to God.


Also, please help me financially because of this mess I am low on funds, please let my certificate come through and jobs be available and let me have the confidence to perform well in any interviews. I really need to get rid of my debts.

I also please beg you to send me my husband, I want to share my life with someone I love and start a family. I fear it is too late now I am 30.

Please help me grow every day into the person the Lord wants me to be, someone more like you.

Please, please answer mine and everyone else's prayer, I know you have the power to. I will praise you every day and if I am luck enough to reach Heaven, will thank you personally xxxx

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bless you
by: Anonymous

May the Lord Jesus Christ help you in all that you ask. We need to have faith that he will, as i am in a similar situation to yours. May God bless you.

by: Anonymous

May you be granted your heart desires in Jesus holy, mighty and wonderful name. amen

by: Anonymous

Amen,May your prayer be granted in Jesus name.

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