St Jude Prayer for Anxiety


Lately, my nerves have gotten the best of me between a car accident, the insurances, my job, my bills i feel like Im losing it. I pray saint jude will lift me from these worries and my stress, that he will help me in my job and see that i am protected from layoffs, from being at fault for an accident I feel was definitely the other persons fault according to me and State Farm.. Resolve this issue quickly..


I ask you St Jude in the Name of Jesus Christ to put my worries in gods hands help relieve me of this. I also have another request you see I talk to this guy via text who has absolutely no idea what i look like and i enjoy our innocent conversations I know what he looks like but in my heart I know its not a healthy relationship the chances of us ever really being anything more than just conversations is 1 in a million. Help me let go of this relationship Its not leading anywhere he is 3400 miles across the country.

I just pray he will find happiness with a girl closer to him. All I ask for regarding him is his happiness.

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anxiety panic attacks fear
by: Anonymous

Please st jude I pray once again that you help me I have anxiety panic attacks and fear I'm on medicine I was feeling greatgreat but. It seems to come back please take this away for good...thanks...lisa

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