St. Jude Thank You


St. Jude, thank you for all your love & prayers. Everytime things get tight money-wise and after I pray to you and light a St. Jude candle, money comes to help me.


It did again today, and from my brother. I pray for blessings for HIM and his help and of course than YOU St. I ask for continued faith, positive thoughts, patience and love in my heart. Jude for making this possible. I continue to marvel at your wondrous and awesome powers when I pray to you for whatever it is I need. I thank you for past prayers answered and for future ones too.

I ask that I spend right, eat right. Get my health together, exercise MORE. Improve my health slowly. I ask that all money-related matters continue to be solved before there's a problem. I ask that I stay able to pay rent, bills, buy food, and take care of all matters in my house. I ask for help in getting a car to replace the one stolen from me.

I ask that I keep my job an that my check is not cut, and the ruling goes in us workers favors. We dodged a bullet in 2010, let the courts rule again in all us workers favor St. Jude. I ask that my computer continues to work and function properly. I ask that I'm able to save some monies. St. Jude health is always a concern as is hearing from my M. SOON so I know how he IS.

Let our communications increase, flourish in LOVE and DEVOTION towards each other. St. Jude, you ARE the go-to saint for ALL or MOST of my needs. Bless all my family & friends. I shall always tell others of your power and love. ALWAYS. Bless those who are seeking your help St. Jude. Bless us one and all. I continue lighting candles to you and in your honor because you've been SO good to me for a LONG time, and you pray to OUR LORD for me/my sister. I love you and thank you St. Jude for EVERYTHING! Help me and especially my sister to STAY positive and looking UP!

Amen and Amen....

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financial blessing,a job, reunite with my friend
by: Anonymous

st. jude, please bless me with this job that i already apply with the company name is alston wilkes please pray that i get an interview and the job remove any obstacles,blockage that keeping me for getting this job;please intervene god and work in my favor.please bless me financial windfall i really need money to get out of debts, and keep a roof over my head;i have more bills than money have mercy on me lord.also please let me hear from my friend howard let him call me and return back home to me;soften his heart and directed him back .

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