stop witchcraft from being used against us

by Nicole

Nicole -Job restored -godly changes in the company Godly work enviroment.Financial breakthrough Miracle 3.made whole over and above.Direction and guidance from god leading to the right majorin college. Unity in marriage and family. healing for family from witchcraft attacks.


Darius -full scholarship,sign with a good college,finsh college strong,sign with a minor league team, godly spouse in future. walk with god all the days of his life. god fearing.
Derek Jr.- get excepted into the neely school of business
full scholarship,maintain a 3.higher, get into a ivy league law school, godly spouse i his future.walk with god all the days of his life. god fearing.

derek sr.-mind of christ, thoughts of god, pure heart,
walk in love, favor with over time. walk with god.

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