Strength and wisdom

by Yoko
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Dear Lord, please help me overcome these trials I am going through. I need your hand in my finances right now Father. I need your peace and calm to fill me to the overflow that I may not walk around with a fallen face any more. I ask for laughter of Joy, happiness and victory in my mouth today and through these challenging situations I am facing. Help me function well in my job, with my daughter, her father, my Mother and especially my cell members here at work. Father bring the solution I need to walk out of this difficult time victorious like you have promised. I cannot do anything without the Holy Spirit& I need Him to take over me completely right now. words fail me&I don't know what to say any more. My physical strength is failing me but I know when I am weak then I am strong for God is the strength of my life. I need God to step into all my troubles and turn them around for my good, just like He says in His Word. I want to be filled with joy, laughter and peace.

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