Successful Deals

by Okebugwu ikechukwu

Hello Prayer Partners,

My name is Okebugwu Ikechukwu,i am 24 and a Nigerian.
I was going online searching prayers that can help me fullfil my dreams.
I'm a very young man and i'm into business for the past 3years now.i'm into Oil and Gas,properties and Logistics.
I'm very sad and unhappy because for 3years i have never had any sucessful deal signed. I have dont my best in all sectors but when i'm at the verge of making a deal,something just goes wrong.
I pray to God always and i havent seen a response from him.
Please help me as i'm desperate to become a wealth man in life. I cannot do anything illegal as such wealth dont last. I see everyday,the wicked successful and Me who worships the Lord cannot even affrord money to cut my Hair.
Please join me in prayers so that God would bless me beyound an mans immaginations.
I have beem prayer to have a car this year because a car would help me in my business also as i can reach any part of Nigeria easily and attend meeting untime.
I hope to hear back from you.
God bless.

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Financial Help from Above for You
by: philip

Going through your prayer request, I AM SINCERELY TOUCHED and willing to help you out

I work for a newly established firm in Austria and we have gotten few investors from Standard Life Plc located in Edinburgh, these investors and not Standard Life, have agreed to partner with us in loans/investment plans to numerous borrowers all over the world, so therefore your friend can apply for the loan

Our Firm name is Hextral Financial Group and the investors have agreed on the interest rate of 2% and a refundable/repayment period of 1month to 90 years with low, bad or high credit score.

Word of Truth, we are not like other loan firms that gives false statement that they don’t collect upfront fees, meanwhile in the process, they begin to ask for it, so here is our word of truth: We collect upfront
fees ONLY at the closing of loan, which will be deducted from the Loan Amount and then remit the balance, SO YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY FROM YOUR POCKET,if you don’t understand, Please ask and I would explain better.

Thanks for your patronage and understanding as we are willing to help at No Upfront Fees

Contact email:
send text :(516) 406-3053

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