Thank you God, for I know your Angels are watching over me.

by Nathan
(Oakland Ca)

Dear God,

I do believe that angels walk among us. I think that my friend dale is an angel, because he always reaches out to me asking me if all is okay, when i am having a hard time. He has helped me out just by being there than anyone else has, he has given me strength to stay faithful. Also, last night I met a wonderful lady named Wendy. Her energy was so good and she talked to me as if she knew me. She instantly warmed my heart and provided me with hope in a time that I feel like im losing faith. Thank you god for these wonderful people who have impacted my life in ways they would never know. If they are not angels, i ask that you bless them and keep them pure.
Last night as I was dreaming I dreamnt I spoke to me lost friend Matt on the phone and i woke up starting to cry. It was so vivid and I miss him so much. I cry now as I type this, because I want to be intouch with him so badly. I wish I wasnt so weak. Please help me stay strong and help me keep the faith.
Im your son and in you i trust with all my heart and soul.

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