Thank You Padre Pio for praying for us to have a baby

by Daniel

Me and wife are longing for a baby for almost 2 years now, we did everything, there we go to the doctor, for the check up and do some testing, we did all what the doctor say, but it still..having no baby, then we decided not to continue going to our OB, coz its to expensive and that still nothing happens, as we decided not to, we still hope the time will come, i pray to Saint Claire, Saint Therese and God everyday.


When my wife office mate called up her, and say "Do you know Padre Pio?"my wife answer "Yes", but before that his office mate says that he had a dreamed that my wife is pregnant, he also said that it is twins,then he said that you go to church at Padre Pio, he answers all the prayers, when Sunday come, we both go to Padre Pio church at Libis, there we pray and ask that my wife be pregnant and have a the week goes by, she went for a check up, cause her lower part feels numb, the left side i think, she taught is her UTI, thats why she went for the check up, she also said in the nurse station to also have a urine test for pregnancy..after several hours, she went back to get the result....when she saw the result, she have red the lower part that said "Pregancy test: POSITIVE" she cant believe it
herself, she ask the nurse.."it is true that im pregnant?" the nurse said "Yes mam"..first baby? my wife said "Yes" then she told after we went home, and personally saw the result "Positive"... i do have mixed emotion, am i gonna shout for joy or just be happy...

Anyway my wife still unsure unless we do the ultrasound...on the couple of weeks, she had her ultrasound to find if there's a baby in the womb...then suddenly we saw it...and hear the baby's heartbeat...i almost cry, seeing the baby and the heard the heartbeat.. We Thank the Lord for having a baby and also to Padre Pio, for always granting our wishes..

Thank You very much and we always love you!!!


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Jul 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thank you St Pio through the Spirit of lord Jesus I had a vision of uyou and my baby boy pio

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