Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for showing your miracle when I was giving birth

by lanie
(valenzuela philippines)


Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for showing your miracle when I was giving birth with my child OB said it is rare for my condition to bear a child but when your power Lord you have alowed me to have my own child and a family.After giving birth I had bleed a lot that almost killed me. By the power of Almighty God I was given a 2nd Life.Sacred Heart of Jesus thank you for always saving me. Right now I am still recovering from 2 major operatiom CS and Total Abdominal Hysterectomy.Sacred Heart of Jesus open your heart to me restore my healthy body,I ask the Holy Spirit to took away thr high blood pressure that I am experiencing now.Heal me Oh Lord. Lord I ask you to come to the heart/mind/ body of my husband.Lord let your Holy Spirit enlighten him for he does not know what is right. Lord instill in his mind that celebration event is not should be his priority. My health, my life ,my 2nd life should be what he should also prioritize. Yes Lord Jesus I am hurt but I surrender this pain to you Oh Lord.Make me the person You want me to be. Yes Lord my Husband very far from my ideal man or ideal husband.But I love him Lord. And You know what I always wanted for him.For him to be a better person,a better husband,a better father and a better son in law.Lord and Sacred Heart of Jesus pour us with your Love,pour my family with love with each other,pour us of overflowing joy,bless this house of ours and help us in overcoming health issue as well as financial Lord.Amen

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