Thanking God for granting Peace of Mind to all

by Dawn

My prayer sounds like so many of the others prayers I've seen posted. My heart hurts knowing so many people are experiencing the same kind of sense of overwhelming, uneasiness, fear, tumoil, unrest, worry, instability, financial issues, health problems. I pray for God to grant peace of mind to every single person who has posted here and every person not here but has these same anxieties in our hearts. The Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to you, just listen, He is with you even at this very moment. Get into the word daily. If u r able - take a daily walk, even if all you have is 10 min, pray -outloud, He hears you! God doesn't want any of us to suffer. Let God take control & He will guide you! 💟 God truly does love us & truly does have a plan for us, all you need is Faith & He will deliver us from this chaos & grant peace. Amen

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