The day he was healed

by mikayla

People said it will not come true the children and parents said a little prayer to god the doctor said he will not survive then a man came he said my brothers and sisters he will survive the kids said i am so happy then the doctors said who are you the man replied he said i am god the kids said you are the person who is in the bible god said yes the kids said god i know you made me and others the trees and birds kids said god do you want some thing to eat god said fish and bread and wine kids said we have no wine but juice coffee and water god said water is ok a girl named mikayla got water for god a littel girl named danniesha walked past god god said you people are dreming god said i will make your grand father better we said thank you god we huged him and said you are the best and then gave him a big kiss the grand father came out like he was know.



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Jan 13, 2012
by: Anonymous


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