The Happy Marriage Formula

by Gaylin

The Happy Marriage Formula


Man in dashing black, lady in shimmering white,
walk up to the altar,hands entwined,
unqualified love and unconditional support,
to pledge to each other, before all and God above,
to be the others helping hand and listening ear,
and be there to wipe off every tear.

Man and lady with interests so different,
with likes and views on life distinct.
Created to praise and serve one God,
and love the other as he loves himself.

Man and lady with needs so different,
his need for Respect, hers for love,
and when, reverence and love, in marriage, sows its seed,
impurity and callousness, cannot take the lead.
Illustrated beautifully in the Ephesians letter,
a verse of love,a verse for life.

Man love your lady for who she is, not for her face or shape,
for with months and years, her beauty will fade,
and wrinkles and freckles on her skin she’ll drape.
Love her for the person she is, not only for what she can do,
cause her heart beats only for you,
and her trust and faith in you, every morning she renews.

She expects no expensive jewels nor closets of shoes,
she has a heart more beautiful than the pearls, and feet that for you will willingly cross shores.
Allow her to only pour out her heart to you, for that’s how shes created to be,
for when she knows she has a friend in you,
marriage vows you’ll will everyday will renew.

Lady respect your man,for who he his,
not what you want him to be,
define his success by the love he gives you,
not by his cards and cars, many or few.
For reverence to your man is reverence to the Lord,
and to protect your marriage from Heaven you will have an angels’ squad.

Allow him, his time and space,
and he'll meet your hearts desires,
for peace he spells as space as much as you do as speech.
Appreciate daily the efforts he puts in, and you will his love win,
for a smile on your face is what is strives for,
and love and happiness galore.

With the number of divorces on the rise,
it comes as a real surprise,
that the pledge before God and all is left behind,
for ego to take the prize.
So remember the love- respect formula daily,
and get God into it too,
for though two’s company, threes a happy celebration.

And when your marriage’s out of wine,
Its not the time to sit and whine,
turn to Mama Mary, who, your request will never decline,
and will infuse into your marriage,
fresh and better wine.


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Aug 30, 2017
Very nice NEW
by: Reme

Very well written every aspect so well written God bless u

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