The Lord's Help In Every Need

by Ella

Dear Lord, Please forgive me for all of my sins,I repent of my sins. Please heal me lord,

my mind,body,spirit and soul. Sweet Jesus, I feel that I’m at the end of my rope.I’m broken Lord.

I need you Lord, I need your light, I’ve lost my way Please help me. I want to live for you Lord. I haven’t done a good job here. most of the time I’ve felt that I really don’t belong here. I know that I will find Wisdom, Peace, strength in you Lord, I will be guided onto the right path.

Please pray for those whom have put their faith in me, I wasn’t the one, I tried to be there for everyone that I thought needed my help because I thought that what God wanted me to do.

Now My back’s against the wall, Even as I’m reaching out for you Lord, the enemy has me surrounded, Please help me Lord, IN faith through the Precious Blood of the Lamb Jesus Amen Amen.

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