The Story of Jesus

by Danny Fisher
(De Kalb, Ms.)

The Story of Jesus


My name is Jesus Christ and I have a love for you untold
Over two thousand years ago, I visited your world and It was mean and cold
I didn’t want to leave my heaven, but it was something I had to do
For our proudest creation, the people of earth and we truly love you

My father is the Great, Powerful, ever-living God of Grace
One day Dad and I had a talk and He showed me this place
He wanted me to take a closer look at the human race
Because of their sins, they would never get to see His face

They were lying together, woman to woman and man to man
No creature can commit all that wickedness; only people can
They were killing babies and children and beating them for laughter
They never stopped to think of the wonderful life in the hereafter

It broke our hearts, they needed someone to lead
A new testament of laws, where all sins were erased by one simple deed
So I was chosen to come to your world and leave mine for one in need
Of an example of a life that pleases the one who made all seeds

I didn’t bring an Army to help me along on my way
I didn’t bring the Angels to praise me every day
I didn’t bring one piece of Gold to buy some food to eat
Instead I turned and I laid it all, at my Father’s feet

Not my robe, not my Crown,
Not ten thousand, bowing down
Not one piece of Diamond wall
I left it all

I remember back to the day that I was born in that stable
Some non-believers still think that my story is a fable
But it is the Gospel truth; I can still see that small corner table
Where three Men left gifts for me, the King that would be able

To bring a solution to life’s sins, anger and fears
Bring healing to the sick and dryness to faces once filled with tears
My mission was clear, to be about my Father’s work. I wasted no years
In teaching and preaching the word, sometimes over shouts and jeers

I started performing miracles that none had ever seen done
To prove to the people that I was the true and chosen one
They saw it with their own eyes and they believed what they perceived

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet still believe
(Danny Fisher Aug 2015)

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Mar 31, 2017
by: Anonymous

Jesus being born in a stable is not a fable. Thankyou.

Sep 09, 2015
by: Michael

What a beautiful poem. Thank you so much for contributing.

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