Three prayer requests

Dear brothers and sisters; I come to you and ask you to pray with me for three pressing needs that are weighing me down in my life. 1-I have an ongoing health issue which is interfering with my daily work and life...


I have a constant headache, and much discomfort. My work is of a highly physical nature--I work outdoors with active animals--and so this has been a particularly heavy cross to bear. I am blessed in many ways but I do ask God, in Jesus' name, to lift this particular health issue from me so I can do my work with gusto and energy.

2) My husband is unfaithful, and the woman he is with has left her small children and her husband to be with him. They live in sin, and while she has filed for divorce from her husband, my husband has not done the same with me. I am begging God through this prayer to open his eyes and his heart and to send him back, to honor our vows, and for her to realise the horrible pain she is causing her little ones in her selfishness. I am strong and can bear much, but what this is doing to both of our families is crushingly painful. 3) Though I work as hard as I can--often 100 hours a week--I am in dire financial straits since I am paying all the bills alone, and am in serious danger of losing my home and everything in it. I do not ask for wealth...

I ask God please, in Jesus sweet name, to send financial help jut to get me caught up on all that is behind. Once I am caught up, I feel certain I can carry this burden alone if I have to...but being so far backed up (4 months house payment, 3 months heating bills, 4 months credit card bill) is weighing me down. Thank you, my brothers and sisters, for praying for me.

I trust that God will hear us and will send some sort of help...know that I pray for you as well, always.

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