''Tis Thee I Long for Only

by Kermit
(Mikwaukee, WI)

Broken now, O bread of life

Poured out precious cup
Your manna now returns to you
And lifts the chalice up
And lifts the chalice up

With every morsel I should eat
Each sip I take to me
Every joy I call out for
''Tis longing, Lord, for Thee

The thoughts of happy springtime
The summer sun and strong
Autumn's glow and winter's snow
'Tis just for Thee I long
''Tis just for Thee I long

When all my lesser loves abound
and whisper "thou art lonely"
The ache restores my senses, Lord
''Tis Thee I long for only
''Tis Thee I long for only.


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