To be with my love.

by Broken Angel

Lord I have had upset and mental abuse in my life. I forgive all that have sinned against me and ask you to forgive any sins that I have done.

I have met the man of my dreams and ask for yr miracle so I can leave my husband to be with someone who has given me love. I prayed for 3 yrs now to have the courage to leave this unhappy situation. Please take the fear out of me and give me your hand to hold as I am so frightened. I no longer want to cry but my life to be full if joy and yr blessings. I believe in you and won't give up. My dear Lord please don't give up on me as I won't give up on you.
I ask for your miracle and to have abundance in
My life so we can buy our house together and not have any money problems. I am truely broken and can not deal with no more heartache. Amen

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