To get my bill caught up so I can go to school.

by Louise
(Reidsville NC)

I want you you pray for me to be able to get my bill caught up and be able to school and be ok. I lost my job in Nov.2010 and I have been out of work I am going to be able to go to school on Trade act but my bill are getting behind. I am attending school now to get my GED and I took my last test in math last week and if I passed it I will be able to go to college in Aug.2011 and I can apply for a student loan and I can get caught up on my bill and please pray for me that my test results and I passed so I can go to college.


I have been though 2 jobs closing in the last 6 years and I know now that I really need a college education to make it in this world today.Please pray for me that this all falls in place for me

Thank you and God Bless you

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