To give me peace of mind...and forget my problems god is there with me to help me

by Jonna delmo iligan

Dear god...I am here today to pray for help me for. My problems..papa god guide me everyday guide my family everyday help me to fullfill my dreams for my family to help them... Lord god gabayan mo ako sa araw araw tulongan mo ako sa problema ko I don't want to think it anymore I want my mind to peace and joy.....if today I lose my hope please remind me that your plans are better than my dreams.,,,my dreams is to help my family to find a work to find a good man who will love me..papa god..alam ko nmn lahat ng Tao my problema I know mawala din eto bsta manalig lang Kay papa god hnd ka Nya pababayaan ..lahat ng eto my solution in the god hands of you oh lord.... I trust in you I believe in pray for you everyday papa god.. To bless me to bless my family and relatives and my brother to passed the lincesure examination,,,I love you so much papa god sana Merun Miracle na mag dating sa akin at sa kptd ko more blessing papa god....sana ung nanakit Sakin pi├▒aptwad ko na poh ikw nlng Bahala sa knila papa god..sana pukawin mu ang puso nila mgng mabait Sakin at hnd na nila Gawin sa Iba I trust you oh lord I love you so much in the name if the father into the son into the Holy Spirit amen..i love you

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