To move to L.A with my family to start my Singing career

by Jazmyne
(Des Moines, IA)

God I just pray that you bless my family with hope and joy I pray that my family and I move to L.A to start a better life and so I can start working on my singing career over in L.A my family and I been though a lot and we need something good in our life's to come true we need all the blessings and Joy's you give us God and I Know you won't give up on my family and I you are the God of creation and you are a god that's in three and in one so please bless my family and I by giving us a chance to move to L.A and we also have a little bit of struggling with money so can you help us with our money so we can move to L.a so we can start a better life and move forward with our life's and so I can start my Singing career over in L.A .... We praise your name in Jesus name amen!!!

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