Urgent Petition Prayer

by sandra
(san antonio, tx)

Heavenly father of mercy,


i am thankful for so many things - my family, my friends, my job.

but today, i come to you as your humble servant to beg you to please grant me your mercy and heal me of these horrible headaches and stomach ailments. i know i will be healed in time, but it's been going on for some time and i get scared when the pain progresses.

please breathe onto me the graces of strength, optimism, courage and love. may i feel your embracing hand and may i soon be healed dear lord. i work for you and it troubles me to think i can't do your work because of my ailments.

heavenly father, may is soon regain my health, strength and peace of mind.

in your name always and forever.
also, i pray for an increase in faith, hope and peace.

thank you father, please send me your ho;y spirit to heal me from all this pain.

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