We still need prayers to rebuke it all

(California )

Our family is need of
Prayer. My cousin Priscilla is having health issues. A Co worker of hers is wishing bad things upon her please pray for her and our family. She was hospitalized for 5 days almost passed. Dr said she had a bad urinary tract infection that went bad but she had no symptoms.


Chaplin came into her room and prayed over her. She alive and well and feeling stronger than ever. We still need prayers to rebuke it all & move
On with our lives. In Gods name we pray for peace in our hearts and minds AMen

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Jun 09, 2016
i'm praying for you
by: Anonymous

i'm praying for you and your family

Jun 08, 2016
Power in His name!

The name above all other names is Jesus Christ. All negative things, forms of bondage, generational curses, and the attacks of the enemy can be crushed & sent back to the pits of hell by declaring one name. All things are rebuked in the name of the Almighty Lord. Whatever is coming against you, whatever forms of bondage, & whatever chains that need to be broken; can be & will be through your faith. Unwavering faith, daily forgiveness towards others & the repentance of sins that are known to you & unknown by you are so important. Faith creates perseverance which creates a stronger relationship which creates grace, redemption, blessings, favor & more. God loved us 1st as we should love one another because God is love. God forgave us more times than we breathe air, so we should also forgive others. Our goal is to be a reflection of Christ. All of this gives us the power to rebuke evil in the name of the Lord! Not being a perfect person but being a person that wholeheartedly calls on the name of the Lord & rebukes in the name of the Lord is a person that has power through the grace & the will of God. Repent of all things, ask God to fill & to renew your spirit with His spirit & allow the spirit to lead you to a awesome rebuking of what plagues you. If you truly receive this message with discernment, then one accord, in the name of Jesus Christ, may you have the power of prayer, power of tongue, power of the Holy Spirit and also power over the evil that attacks you. If God is for you, then who can be against you? Thank you Lord for what you have already done & for the things that You will do! Put on your spiritual armor every day & prepare. Be blessed & take care!

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