What I Have Hoped For

Dear Lord,


I come to you in earnest prayer praying and hoping for change here. But, so far there has been very little. It is some better, but, not a whole lot. I don't know what they have heard nor what they have read. But, I do know they are treating as if they know specifics. You are aware of someone who tries to read my journals and who has been caught at it. I know what I have to deal with daily. What someone else somewhere else has infiltrated her influence here thus, causing me some pretty big problems that nearly cost me a little over four years ago and I have never forgotten that. Please either change the hearts of those who are against me or allow an much bigger opportunity for them to take in order to leave here. I pray this is done within the year, Lord, if this is your will. For I ask all this in your holy name Jesus Christ. AMEN

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