When Walls Are Closing In

by Coleen

Lord, in your power and glory, grant me, I pray:

1) strength that I may understand and forgive without ceasing, those who are doing me wrong;
2) pardon for my impure thoughts, most particularly when times are very hard, and my heart and mind are raging, pushing me to get revenge or to match wrong for wrong;
3) gratitude for all the times that you have restrained my rash thoughts, words, and deeds, and helped me to avoid sinning even when at the point that I have been most sorely tempted;
4) calmness and wisdom, that I may bear in mind that all things work for the good of those who love you, and that all trials will surely pass, in your time;
5) humility to accept your will, whatever, wherever, whenever, how ever you may make your will known;
6) charity that I may see those who are more in need of me, and act towards them accordingly; and,
7) grace, my God, that I may always keep in mind that much as I am valuable in your eyes, I am also no one without you.

In Jesus' name, thank you for your love, my God.


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